From the Department Head

Doğuş University Industrial Engineering Department, which was established simultaneously with Doğuş University in 1997, has been teaching both English and Turkish programs for nearly 20 years.

Throughout these years;

  • With qualified faculty members who are focused on improving themselves with their scientific studies;

  • With course programs that are up-to-date and accredited by the Association for Evaluation and Accreditation of Engineering Education Programs (MÜDEK);

  • With proven graduates both in the sector and academia

Doğuş University Industrial Engineering Department has a distinguished position in its field.

Doğuş University Industrial Engineering Department carries out its activities in line with the mission of raising industrial engineers who are creative, innovative, leader, with team spirit and independent thinking ability, believe in lifelong learning, and contribute knowledge and skills to the development of the environment, nation and humanity. Aware of the fact that conducting education/training independently of the research will be far from the activity, it has academic staff who attach importance to scientific activities, research, produce projects and continuously improve themselves.

In our department, students apply the theoretical and practical knowledge they learned during their final year in the scope of a project and solve a real-life engineering problem. Thanks to these solution-oriented and application-oriented projects, all students who reach the graduation stage have the opportunity to observe the business world and the problems of this world and produce solutions by using industrial engineering tools while carrying out the graduation projects for two semesters.

Additionally, our students are constantly improving themselves with opportunities such as Erasmus, double major and minor; working in the direction of transferring the knowledge they have learned to practice through internships that are compulsory in the program; and through Doğuş University Industrial Engineering Club, they can increase their knowledge, management experience and cooperation.

Doğuş University Department of Industrial Engineering graduates successfully works in well-known national and international companies and universities and leading public institutions. The master's programs and the first and only integrated Logistics and Supply Chain in Turkey not only in the undergraduate and doctoral program also provide graduate-level education.

As Doğuş University Industrial Engineering Department, which renews itself, works at the national and international level, assimilates ethical values, is entrepreneurial, prone to teamwork, and aims to train industrial engineers who are aware of its social responsibility, we sincerely welcome all of our new friends ...

Best wishes,


Department Head