From the Department Head

Our Software Engineering Department started its education for the first time in 2017-2018 academic year but it was founded by some of the faculty members with the support of our Computer Engineering Department which has been present for 20 years.

Software Engineering faculty members are especially valuable in computer software applications, both in academic studies and in software projects.

The software projects cost account modelling performed by the faculty members of our software engineering department has been published in reputable journals of the world and received many references. There are also world-renowned algorithms developed by faculty members.

We aim to train software engineers who are creative, innovative, have team spirit and independent thinking skills and ethical values, believe in lifelong learning and are equipped with knowledge and skills to contribute to the development of their nation and humanity.

Software Engineering is the most important profession of the 21st century. Computer software is now the object that controls all systems. The legal system, the medical world, the automotive world, airlines and every system you can think of is now under intelligent software control, and software engineers have very important functions in society. Software engineers are the most sought-after engineers in the world and in our country and can easily find jobs in the highest quality positions.

Software engineering students, like the other students of Doğuş University, have the opportunity to study for 1 or 2 semesters in Europe with Erasmus activities and also to participate in Double Major and Minor programs with other departments in the university. Software Engineering students grow up as versatile individuals who will develop their social aspects with the opportunities at Doğuş University during their education.

The Department of Computer Engineering supports the MS and PhD programs in Computer Engineering and Computer and Information Systems with courses and dissertations.

I would like to welcome our new students to our department and congratulate you on your unique achievements.

Best wishes…

Prof. Mitat UYSAL

Department Head