From the Department Head

Since Electronic and Communication Engineering is the number one profession of the rapidly changing new century, ECE programs have to be the most dynamic and variable among all university curricula. At DOU ECE, teaching is also designed to meet the needs of such a wide spectrum and to broaden the horizons of its students. Therefore, young engineers graduating from ECE are very versatile and adapt to changing environmental conditions, new issues and new developments very quickly.

240 ECTS (European Credit Transfer System) course load required for graduation, 25 per cent of the elective courses according to the Bologna process must be. Students must take 3 Science, 5 Departments, 2 Faculties and 2 University elective courses.

The ECE program consists of 3 main disciplines: Electricity, Electronics and Communication. Since all three of these disciplines are the basis for our Department, they are given equal importance. The department's curriculum includes 18 credits in Electrical, 24 credits in Electronics and 23 credits in Communication. A student who wishes to specialize in any of these disciplines can choose from three packages.

One of the most important elements of an engineering program is the development of manual skills and practical aspects. For this purpose, at least 34 hours laboratory and 12 weeks internship are done in DOU ECE.

The Council of Higher Education has decided that the Electronic Communication Engineering Program is equivalent to the Electrical and Electronic Engineering program with its letter dated 03/02/2017 and numbered 75850160-303.01.01-9174. Graduates of our department will have all the rights and powers of the Electrical and Electronics graduates, as well as the rights and authorities of the graduates of Communication Engineering. This is a great advantage for our students.

Of course, four years of hard work and a heavy course load will certainly be a reward.

Production and design engineer, Research and development engineer, Field, sales and support engineer, Executive positions up to technical and general manager level, software and signal processing engineering sectors, telephone and GSM companies, electrical, electronic, biomedical, automotive manufacturing sectors, banks, finance companies, information technology companies, Internet service providers, project-design-software companies, audio / video systems manufacturers will have the opportunity to work in such institutions. Remember, you can start your own company.

When you graduate from DOU ECE, you will have the necessary knowledge and equipment to become a universal engineer.

As the Head of Doğuş University Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering, I would like to welcome you to our web-page and department. A close look at the history of our university and our department will reveal our achievements and more than twenty years of experience. As part of one of the oldest and well-established foundation universities, ECE offers world-class education and research opportunity to eager and hard-working students with our experienced faculty, programs and laboratories in Turkey. We have no doubt that we will train leading engineers and young engineers who will make significant contributions that will inspire all engineers working in the field of ECE.

We hope you will find our website informative and instructive, we wish you not to hesitate to contact us about any subject.

Let all your circuits work as planned.

Prof. Hüseyin Selçuk VAROL

Department Head